We Are Open!

740 Cloverly Street
Silver Spring, MD 20905

Club Hours:
Mon – Sun and Holidays: 4:30am -11:30pm.
Keyfob Access Only

We Are Open!

740 Cloverly Street
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Mon-Sun 4:30am-11:30pm
Open Every Holiday
Keyfob Access!

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Program
  • Custom Workout Programs  
  • Small Group Training
  • On Demand Spin Classes
  • Membership Plans
  • A Welcoming Community

740 Cloverly Street

Silver Spring, MD 20905

Phone: 301-388-0111

Email: info@bcfitnessclub.com

About Us


BC Fitness is a training facility in Silver Spring MD built on the foundation that education, knowledge and effort are the keys to success. We also understand that functional movement is necessary to accomplish great overall health, strength, and quality of life. Living with pain is not an option. It is possible to lose weight, gain strength & function, and look great!

Each trainer at BC Fitness holds expansive knowledge on fitness and nutrition coupled with the unique skill to teach/coach individually or in a group setting. The end result is YOU the Client achieving your fitness goals, an improved lifestyle, and becoming self sufficient!  


Membership is also an option with no long term commitments. Members who choose to workout on their own are welcome, and you will benefit greatly from our fitness knowledge! We will positively change the way you exercise!

We currently limit the number to 10 Members in the studio at the same time. You can conveniently book the time of your workout with our mobile phone app, or online. Rescheduling your time is just as convenient. Your membership key fob will allow you access into the facility at the time you booked, with no more than 9 other members. 

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