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I have been a Professional in the fitness industry for 15 years, but my Passion and Education for fitness developed long before that. As an overweight teen, I was always dieting. I tried every fad diet that existed.  Not only did I yo-yo up and down in weight constantly, what is worse I always felt like crap and unhealthy. It took years of studying before I would see the light. I read everything I could get my hands on pertaining to health and fitness.  Through much trial and error, I finally realized that a healthy meal plan along with regular weight training and cardio was the key to taking the weight off PERMANENTLY!  But even more importantly, I WAS HEALTHY, FUNCTIONAL, and felt GREAT!

Continued education in the field helped me to hone the health and fitness craft. I began to share my story with others who were suffering through the same journey I had traveled. Sharing my story led to helping others overcome their health struggles, which ultimately led to me becoming a certified Trainer and Professional in the industry.

I KNOW that that everyone can achieve their goals with the right motivation, support and guidance. The ultimate pinnacle of my day is helping my clients reach THEIR specific Health and Fitness goals.  Being a middle aged female with adult kids and having reached menopause, gives me a focused insight on how to best coach my female clients. What you do in the Gym should directly benefit your Quality of Life outside of the Gym. I am passionate in that belief.

I look forward to working with you soon!



To Educate and Motivate our Clients and Members to achieve specific Fitness Results in a Welcoming and Encouraging environment.


To become a vital, productive and thriving member of our social/business community and to continue to deliver positive contributions in Health, Fitness, and Otherwise.